Dr. Geraldine Greenberg, D.C. L.Ac. 

Gentle Acupuncture and Non-Force Chiropractic


Both of Dr. Greenberg’s parents were Chiropractors and Holistic practitioners, so she’s been steeped in natural healing all her life.

Her parents’ idea of a fun vacation was using her as a guinea pig to test new healing techniques. Her grandmother was a physiotherapist and her grandfather was a medical doctor at a time when MDs were more holistic than today.  Her mother studied acupuncture when it first came to the west and Geri later went with her when she studied in China.

Because of this family background she grew up with a deep understanding of how chiropractic and acupuncture are great alternatives to drugs and surgery especially for neck and back pain.

However she was afraid of needles all her life, until an injury caused her to seek out an acupuncturist.  That put her on track to study this ancient wisdom.  In addition, she followed her parents’ path to chiropractic school.

Her combination of acupuncture, chiropractic and deep muscle therapy speeds healing of the spine and muscles as well as fine tuning the nervous system and energy flows. She has studied anatomy extensively, and has a deep understanding of the nervous system, knows the acupuncture points but also the origins and insertions of the muscles and how they all connect.

Dr. Greenberg is state and nationally certified, and board licensed, in Chiropractic, Acupuncture, Chinese Herbology, and Traditional Oriental Medicine. She was the first woman admitted to Delta Tau Alpha, the Chiropractic Honor Fraternity, and she graduated Summa Cum Laude from Emperor’s College of Oriental Medicine.

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        One Doctor.        5 healing methods.       Over 25 years Experience

Chiropractor, Acupuncturist, Chinese Medicine Practitioner, Herbologist,        Acupressure/Deep Muscle Therapist


Some of the conditions that respond well to these treatment methods are:

*Anxiety/Stress reduction
*Arthritis/Joint problems
*Back pain/Sciatica
*Energy (Qi) Balancing
*Headaches/TMJ /Allergies/Bell’sPalsy
*PMS/Menopause regulation
*Sports Injuries/Tendonitis ex. (wrist/elbow/ankle)



Through the use of sterilized, disposable needles, fine as a human hair, the qi/energy of the body is balanced.  Our electrical energy circulates throughout our bodies along well-defined pathways/meridians.  Points on the skin along these pathways are stimulated to balance the circulation of energy which in turn influences the health of the entire person.  Acupuncture strengthens the immune system, releases pain-killing endorphins and balances the fight/flight mechanism to reduce stress.





  It’s definition: Chiro (hand) Practic (the practice of).  Doctors of Chiropractic use their hands gently to move the vertebrae of the spine to increase mobility and motion.  The spine consists of 24 vertebrae held together by ligaments and muscles and cushioned by discs.  Trauma or stress can cause muscles to spasm, which pull the vertebrae out of alignment.  When vertebrae and discs become misaligned they can cause nerve blockage, which disturbs the body’s normal function and can lead to many painful conditions.  The release of contracted muscles, in conjunction with gentle manual manipulation, allows vertebrae to return to their normal position which, in turn allows the return of normal blood flow and nerve function.

Acupressure/Deep Muscle Therapy




 This is a muscle releasing technique that restores normal blood circulation to contracted muscles, thereby increasing mobility, reducing nerve blockage and promoting healing. This technique also allows the Chiropractic adjustments to hold longer and Acupuncture to be more effective in restoring normal energy/qi flow.

Chinese Medicine and Herbology



 In Chinese Medicine, each person is seen as a world in miniature, a garden, in which doctor and patient together strive to cultivate health.  Just as a garden may become overgrown with weeds if not tended to, periodic sessions help to keep our garden/body in balance.   Herbs, are more like foods than drugs, and can supplement our diet, fortify our constitution, as well as prevent or remedy ailments.  Chinese herbs are most effective when combined in formulas, thereby  enhanceing their individual properties and actions.  Through the Chinese Medical History, Evaluation and Diagnosis,  each person recieves their  own constitutional formula.