A Life Saver

I have been seeing Dr.Greenberg regularly for at least 15 years. When no one else could help me with my neck and shoulder pain after an accident, she was the one who finally got me on the road to recovery. Now she helps me control my pain, able to work and play like everyone else. And the Acupuncture treatments are a great way to build stamina during times of stress or illness.        Linda

A Great Chiro!

On several occasions I have gone to Dr. Greenberg in acute pain and unable to turn my neck to the side.  After acupuncture, I have far more mobility and significantly less pain. I have recommended her to several friends who have been thrilled with her light touch.


Reliable Healer

I have chronic spine issues, and see Dr Geri for a “tuneup”  regularly. She’s friendly, present, both solid and subtle in her skills.  It’s especially helpful for me when she uses acupuncture needles to release specific muscles before the adjustment. I often recommend her to friends and clients. A great neighborhood resource!         JoAnn

A Truly Exceptional Health Professional!

I have been treated by Dr. Greenberg for over 20yrs. She is amazing at assessing my condition and always applying just the right treatment to relieve my pain, stiffness and other ailments.  Her excellent communication skills and calming presence makes it a pleasure to visit her office.  The integration of Acupuncture, Chinese medicine/herbs with her Chiropractic expertise yields truly amazing result.  My highest praise to Geri Greenberg for being there for me.                  Glenn

The Best Chiro

In 1986, I spent 7 days in Cedars Sinai for severe back spasms. A massage therapist recommended Dr. Geri to me.  I’m convinced I’m able to walk today because of the great treatment I received. Dr. Geri is incredibly talented finding the source of the pain and working muscle and tissue to relieve the pain. She works with your schedule, will try to accommodate emergencies (every time I fly I need a tune-up) and is genuinely concerned for her clients.  She is the best at deep tissue massage. I’m so thankful I found her.


Incredibly Talented Chiro

After traveling to Beverly Hills for many, many years and convinced I’d never find a good Chiropractor in the VALLEY, I was turned on to Dr. Greenberg about six years ago and have been so thankful to have found her ever since. She is extremely talented, as well as gentle, and, aside from helping my neck, has given me so much terrific advice about health in general. Problems I’ve dealt with for years are gone from my life, thanks to wonderful Dr. Greenberg. She’s also very accommodating, as far as schedule is concerned. Can’t recommend her highly enough.               Bonnie

I Love My Chiropractor/Acupuncturist

Both my sister and I have been going to Dr. Greenberg for at least 15 years!  If I am flat on my back (which I have been), I can count on her to make me walk out of her office feeling great! I used to travel to Santa Monica from Canyon Country to have acupuncture treatments but not any more.  I just call up Dr.Geri and she always seems to be able to squeeze me in.  I cannot think of going to any one else for my lower back pain. Two thumbs up for me!!               Debbie

Dr Greenberg Is The Greatest!

I travel from Redondo Beach to see Dr. Greenberg and would drive farther if I had to.  For forty years I have played soccer and just like any contact sport you can get a bit banged up.  Dr. Greenberg is a blessing. I can gimp in and she will use multiple forms of diagnosis and then treat accordingly with the best treatment at her disposal. I have been seeing Dr Greenberg for over 20 yrs and I won’t go anywhere else. I love this talented lady and can always count on her to “set me straight”! She is professional and truly caring of her patients.  As a practitioner of preventative medicine there is no one better!


Dr Geri has been treating me and my wife for several years.  She is a “constant” in our lives. Whether we are truly hurting, or just in need of a good-old adjustment, we always leave her office feeling better. She is so cheerful, friendly and so professional.  When all else is topsy-turvy in our exciting lives, Dr. Geri slows us down for a few minutes and offers us a new lease on life…Thanks so much for that.      Rick

I was referred to Dr. Greenberg 5 years ago and haven’t stopped going since!  I originally went to see her after injuring my back and neck in a car accident and after my sessions were over I felt 100% better. Now, I continue to see her for routine “oil changes” (as she calls them) and I always feel so relaxed and rejuvenated when I leave her office.  Going through the motions of life we all experience back pain, neck pain and muscle soreness to some extent. Dr. Greenberg is the perfect cure and one I will use for years to come. Thank you!       Alicia

I was introduced to Dr. Greenberg by my friends and family that had been using her for years. The environment is very peaceful inside. Dr. Greenberg is filled with knowledge of both the natural healing powers of Chiropractic and Acupuncture work. Her schedule is always flexible and you can call in that day to see what appointments are available if you need a quick alignment. I have been to a few chiropractors and she is my favorite. Nabil

Dr.Greenberg is excellent at her profession.  I have been seeing for 18years and she is always very helpful at giving me a “tune-up” or adjustment when needed. I can’t say enough about her excellent work.      JoAnn

I was referred to Dr. Greenberg several years ago. I had previously gone to one chiropractor but was not comfortable with the technique used to align my back. I also had never had any acupuncture so this was a totally new experience. I must say that from the moment I entered the office I became more relaxed and received the personal care and attention that you expect when going to someone in the medical field. I have had both stress related and physical injury related issues with my lower back and in multiple cases I have received complete relief by seeing Dr. Greenberg.  She always takes the time to explain her diagnosis and answers all questions clearly. Also, the acupuncture, was wonderful. I have left each time so relaxed and stress free. It has amazed me what an effect those needles can have on you. Luckily, I have only had about one or two issues a year, but everytime I go to Dr. Greenberg, I come away with relief and on my way to total healing. I would recommend her services to anyone, whether for physical or stress related issues.      David

I have been going to Dr. Greenberg for over 15 years. In that time she fixed a pinched nerve in my hip when the pain specialist was only offering cortisone shots. She also fixed my Plantar Fascitis which the sports Doctor recommended a 12 minute surgery with 5 weeks to recover. Now I go on a regular basis so I am able to maintain good health. She has never failed me and  I really am so glad that she was recommended to us from a friend as I am now recommending her to many!      Leslie

I have had the “relief” of being treated by Dr. Geri for at least 3 years now.  The great aspect about her is that she is both a Chiropractor and an Acupuncturist. So whether my issue has been with my low back, my neck, or my shoulder, Dr. Geri has been extremely thorough with the combination of both Chiropractic and Acupuncture treatment. Results are always positive with either relief from my episode of pain or total resolve of the issue!  She is a sincere person and delightful to know!  I highly recommend Dr. Geri to any one!     Cynthia

My surgeon, a back surgery specialist and former head of an HMO, sent me to Dr. Geraldine Greenberg when I asked him to operate on my shoulder. I was in continual pain and could not lift a piece of paper above my head. The surgeon promised that he would operate only if Dr. Greenberg could not fix me after six months of doing exactly as she directed. Three visits and one and a half weeks later complete mobility was restored. Over the years I’ve taken my (four) children to Dr. Gerry after sporting injuries and just for spring tune-ups,  my eighty year old mother when her back ache made her miserable, employees who might tweak their backs at work and of course my regular maintenance. Dr. Greenberg is as good as it gets. A terrific, knowledgable doctor and a sweetheart to boot. Don’t let the fact that she’s a woman fool you. As gentle as she is, Dr. Gerry always puts my 6″3″ 225 lb frame in alignment. I trust her and recommend her without reservation.                             Michael

Dr. Geri is the one health care provider in my life that always comes through. She has a deep understanding of the human body, and it seems that she knows in a glance where  I’m out of whack. In the roughly 10 years my wife and I have counted on Dr. Greenberg for various aches and pains, and sometimes more severe back and neck trauma, she has never failed to bring relief. And the best part is Dr. G herself. She is kind and caring and funny and has become a valued friend and ally in our quest for health and well-being. Now, if I could only find a plumber…             Ron

Dr. Greenberg will fix you right up. I sprained my ankle and heard acupuncture would help speed up the recovery and IT DID.  Dr. Greenberg got me off crutches faster than I was expecting and the swelling went down immediately.  She is fantastic and after your visit you will feel great. She has seen my Mother-in-law for years and my husband and I now see her monthly for adjustments. We highly recommend Dr. Greenberg!                     Laurie