Sleep postures and tips

sleep posture photo 5-13One-third of your life will be spent in bed. What sleep position is bestSleeping on your back, with a pillow under your knees, is one of the least stressful positions and is usually recommended for proper spinal alignment.  In this position it is best to avoid too many pillows that can force the head forward and place stress on the upper back and neck. Sleeping on your side, with a pillow between your  bent knees is another good position. This is the best position for those with low back pain.  Finally, sleeping on ones’ stomach is not recommended because it causes undue stress on the joints of the neck, shoulder and low back, which may result in morning stiffness in those areas.

New mattresses are recommended after 7-8 years or when you awaken in the morning often with body aches and stiffness. Before you purchase your mattress talk to Dr G.

1.Let go of your worries– Just writing down worries, deadlines, or to-dos before hitting the pillow can make them feel more manageable. 

 2. Cut the light at night–  avoid bright light, which signals the brain to be alert, within an hour of bedtime .  Have your bedside lamp have no more than 45-60 watts. Use nite lights in the bathroom or hallways. Use blackout drapes or shades.  Cover any small lights from phones or computers.

3. Warm bath or shower after work, to separate the day from the evening. Then adding lavender to your pillow or sheets.