Blood Sugar Balancing Tips






Random daily and fasting normal blood sugar should be <100       Prediabetes fasting blood sugar range100-125       Two  morning  readings in a row> 126 Diabetes

After a meal blood sugar rises to a peak within 15-30 min then returns to normal within 2 hrs. If the peak occurs later 45-60 min after a meal=insulin deficiency  

High insulin levels promote: high blood fats, high blood glucose, high blood pressure. high levels of inflammation. High blood glucose can cause dry itchy skin because it causes the body to eliminate the sugar through frequent urination therefore causing dehydration of the skin.  Therefore, drinking more water helps counteract the dehydration. 

High insulin levels cause more glucose to be stored as fat. By balancing blood sugar and insulin levels, with less high and low fluctuations, assists in weight loss. Caffeine, artificial sweetners, nicotine all increase insulin levels causing more blood sugar fluctuations.

Blood sugar stabilizers include: acid foods-vinegar, pickled foods, salad dressings with 4 tsp vinegar and 2 tsp oil, lemon juice : slow digestion and therefore keep blood sugar balanced.      High acid fruits: strawberries, grapefruit  help balance also.         Fiber in foods slow digestion assisting in blood sugar stabilization: barley, oats, apples, lentils, beans, green vegetables and  ground flax seed.

Exercise-   Just 30 min of daily exercise lowers the risk of diabetes by 60%.          

The New Glucose Revolution Shoppers Guide to Glycemic Index Values-  by Dr Jennie Brand-Miller   Also, her book: The New Blood Glucose Revolution. Excellent guides.      The best life diet and guide to Diabetes and PrediabetesBob Green,   Very helpful website –Diabetes articles, from a first hand author: