Balancing Emotional Health with Acupuncture & Chinese Herbs

Ideally, all the organs & meridians of the body operate in balance and emotions are calm and appropriate to life’s situations. However, when the Qi/energy in our meridians get our of balance, some people may experience anxiety, worry nd other difficult emotional states.

In Chinese Medicine these imbalances may manifest as follows:

Liver Meridian qi flow imbalance: can cause us to experience excessive anger , irritability, frustration, impatience or depression.  Balanced liver/qi energy will help us to be relaxed, patient, emotionally even and feeling a smooth flow of plans going forward.           

Heart meridian imbalance: may cause us to experience anxiety, panic attacks, palpitations and insomnia.  Balanced -creates calm and relaxed emotions.  

Spleen meridian imbalance: excessive worry, tendency to overthink.  When balanced we have clear crisp thinking at a normal pace.   

 Lung meridian imbalance: can cause us to experience prolonged frief, sadness, or melancholy.  When balanced- general feeling of flow, able to move through our feelings with contentment.     

Kidney meridian imbalance:  can manifest with excess fear and worry, loss of will and determination.  When balanced we are calm and able to proceed forward with ease and confidence.

The combination of Acupuncture and specific Chinese Herbal Formulas help to restore optimal Qi/ energy flow and balance emotional health.