Nutrients & Easy Brain boosting techniques

brain-nutrientsNeurobics- easy ways to boost mental faculties for the long and short term.

1.Use your non-dominant hand to do basic everyday activities, like brushing your teeth or hair.

2. Look at various colors: surrounding yourself with numerous different colors stimulates the vision center of the brain more than dull colors.

3.Learn a new instrument: both playing music and listening to music improves auditory function.

4.Walk barefoot: walking around in shoes is a sensation your brain is accustomed to. So surprise your brain by taking off your shoes and feeling   the grass or sand sensations.

5.Write a journal: writing and observing how you feel and what’s around you, the sights and sounds, wakes up your brain to the intricacies of life and strengthens it.  Also, the act of writing engages more of the brain than typing does.

6.Memorize a poem, or song or write a speech: recite it or sing it out loud. This stimulates short and long term memory.

7.Try new food: tasting new food, texture and different tastes engages the brain.

8.Laugh- watch more comedy, practice laughter yoga ( laughing with a friend or group) for no reason, just that stimulus releases dopamine a key component in memory, focus and attention.

9. Write a gratitude list: at days end, write 3 things from the day that you appreciated.

10.Close your eyes: and do an activity such as eating or dressing with your eyes shut.  This stimulates the senses and ability to focus.

11.Take up a new hobby, talk to a new person:  google :www.  and you’ll find groups that meet with hobbies of all kinds- walking, photography, art, music, learning a new language…etc.

12.Rearrange your house: moving around furniture forces your brain to readjust its spatial expectations. Take a different route to work or your daily errands or explore somewhere new. This gets the mind out of its comfort zone and stimulates it.