Summer the Season of Yang


Summer: The Season or Yang/ Fire element

The Summer, in Chinese Medicine, belongs to the Fire element. Fire ignites all of life, creating activity, warmth and connection with people, just as the summer season does.  Fire energy in nature and in us encourages expansion and abundance. The heart, mind and spirit are ruled by the fire element. When the fire element is in balance, the heart is strong, the mind is calm and sleep is sound. When unbalanced, there may be signs of depression, anxiety, nervousness, heartburn, insomnia, burning the candle at both ends or burnout. Deficiency of fire can leave us feeling cold and not able to feel life’s’ zest.

Acupuncture and herbs help to balance the fire element.

Summer, cooling (yin) foods are:

Watermelon, cantaloupe, citrus, peaches, apricots, cucumber, asparagus, broccoli, bok choy, white mushrooms, spinach, and Asian pears

-Avoid foods that are hot or create heat: spices, garlic, hot peppers, lamb

-Avoid heavy outdoor activity 10 am-2pm, try a nap at that time, the body naturally cools when we rest

-If you do get overheated use the acupressure point at the outer elbow crease or spray water with a few drops of lavender oil in it on your legs  and feet

-Beverages:  Mint or Chrysanthemum tea cooled or fresh Coconut juice from Whole Foods- high in electrolytes. water with slices of lemon and or cucumber

Take time to nourish your spirit -sitting with your feet in the grass or sand while taking some deep breaths.

See you soon for your summer tune up, balancing treatment