Dr. Geri Greenberg: She provides 5 Healing Methods in One office





Powerful Combination of Chiropractic and Acupuncture Helps You Get Out of Pain and Back to Your Normal Activities

Sometimes pain is so bad that you can’t do the things you used to do such as housework, driving, playing sports. Or you simply can’t sleep from pain and anxiety. Either way it’s limiting your pleasure in life.

Maybe the traditional route of drugs, surgery, or Physical Therapy isn’t for you. What you really want is a natural solution that makes it possible for you to play with your grandkids again, enjoy your work, have a good night’s sleep, eat well, hike, dance or get back to whatever brings you joy in life.

To help return to normal activities as quickly as possible, Dr. Geri Greenberg provides 5 healing methods in one office. Chiropractic. Acupuncture, Deep Muscle Therapy, Chinese Herbology, and Traditional Chinese Medicine. With this combination, Dr. Geri treats her patients holistically so they experience quicker healing in a calm environment.

            One Doctor   5 healing methods    Over 25 years Experience

Some of the conditions that respond well to these treatment methods are:

  • Anxiety/Stress Reduction
  • Arthritis/Joint Problems
  • Back pain/ Sciatica
  • Headaches/TMJ/Allergies/Bells Palsy
  • PMS/Menopause Regulation
  • Energy/Qi Balancing
  • Sports Injuries/Tendonitis (wrist, elbow,knee, ankle)

A Truly Exceptional Health Professional !

I have been treated by Dr. Greenberg for over 20 yrs. She is amazing at assessing my condition and always applying just the right treatment to relieve my pain, stiffness and other ailments.  Her excellent communication skills and calming presence makes it a pleasure to visit her office.  The integration of Acupuncture, Chinese medicine/herbs with her Chiropractic expertise yields truly amazing results. My highest praise to Geri Greenberg for being there for me.            Glenn

Call Dr. Geri at 818-986-9565 for an appointment.  Or, if you’re not sure that you’re ready for treatment yet, call for a free consultation.