Healthy Holiday Gift Ideas

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1.From stress reduction to pain relief Acupressure, Acupuncture and Chiropractic support our bodies, immune systems and lift our spirits.  Stress reduction and Energy Balancing gift certificates are available to soothe family & friends in this Holiday Season. 

2.Essential Oil Collection: Pure essential oils contain many health benefits including reducing stress, relieving pain,  killing germs and again lifting spirits. Lavender- is calming;   Peppermint- kills germs, clears sinuses, and moves qi/energy  invigorating us. Eucalyptus: also kills germs, clears lungs & sinuses especially good with sinus steamer. These three are good for a personalized started kit.

3.Tea Gift basket: Many teas soothe the nerves and provide valuable antioxidants. Create a basket of your favorite teas and a small jar of honey or stevia. Camomille, Chai, Peppermint, Ginger all come decafinated if your gift recipient is sensitive to caffeine.

4.Organic Skin Care: Heated winter air can be very drying, even on young skin. Give your loved one a new scented lotion to enjoy. Be sure to read the label, look for the fewest ingredients possible and check for ingredient names you recognize and can pronounce.

5.New Organic Sheets: Fresh. soft sheets can be a real luxury that not only feels good but also helps you sleep well, investigate bamboo or cotton sheets. The fibers are very soft.

6.Relaxing music CD or Meditation CD: My favorite Meditation Cd’s are by Jon Kabat-Zinn: he gives a guided tour of the body using the  breath to bring a deep sense of relaxation. Some of my other favorite calming CDs are by: George Winston, Liz Story, Jim Chappell, Michael Hedges, David Lanz, Eric Tingstad, and of course the artist  I play in the office and on this website:  Carlos Nakai

7. Fun food ideas: herbal olive oils & vinegars- Trader joes- 3 flavored olive oils ( basil, lemon, pepper),  Tjoes’ – mustard Miscellany- (basil,chablis, provencal)    Tjoes ” Nut Quartet”,  prepackaged cranberries & nuts, pumpkin or sunflower seeds in a pretty jar,  Tjoes”- Yellow & Red Thai Curry Sauces, and Humus Quartet and veges.