Fit Fuel: Foods that Build Muscle and Boost Immune System

salmon filet


1. SALMON-  3 oz+ 20 grams of protein, it builds muscle, high in    omega 3- for cardiovascular health and reduces muscle inflammation.

2.GREEK YOGURT- is strained yogurt  thereby concentrating  protein- healthy bacteria to benefit digestive health.

3.BLUEBERRIES/BLACKBERRIES-chock full of fiber and antioxidants,  build strong bones and help inhibit the formation of fat cells.

4.TOMATO- loaded with lycopene, which benefits prostate health and the gel around the seeds benefit cardiovascular health.

5.AVOCADO- has monounsaturated fats that help lower cholesterol. Use it as a mayo substitute.

6.EGGS-high in protein, packed with choline for brain health.

7.ALMONDS-monounsaturated fats that benefit cardiovascular health.

8.OATMEAL-decreases inflammation, lowers cholesterol and improves overall heart health.

9.YAMS-high fiber for digestive health and high in beta carotene that boosts immune system.