Two Simple Steps to Improving your Balance

tai chi photo


There are two types of balance strengthening:  Static and Dynamic.

1.Static Balance: Whenever you’re standing in line at the market, or at the kitchen sink, pick up one foot and try to maintain your balance. See how long you can balance on one foot and then the other. Starting out, steady yourself with the market cart or the kitchen counter. This is strengthening your static balance ability.

2.Dynamic balance: Tai chi practice strengthens your dynamic balance. ( the above photo) In which you move slowly and continuously, shifting  your weight from one foot to the other while thythmically moving your arms. This practice strengthens balance, and reduces chronic pain, fatigue, lowers blood pressure and boosts mood.

Another way to practice dynamic balance is by slowing your walking pace to such a degree that you observe how you lift your front foot while keeping your back foot planted on the ground then lifting it once you set your front foot down. (  this is a form of walking meditation)