Breakfast Ideas with the help of Trader Joes

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1.A scoop of Trader Joes’ Designer Whey protein powder ( vanilla)+ their coconut milk or almond milk + defrosted berries,  then into blender// or a scoop of Designer Whey+ decaf+ milk/coconut or almond milk and ice into blender.

2.Trader joes greek yogurt +( defrosted berries or Kashi go lean crunch cereal or cooked oatmeal) + sprinkle some designer whey to add a bit more protein

3.Ezekial raisen bread with a slice of Jarlsberg lite swiss cheese+ slice of apple or slice of raisen bread with some peanut/almond butter and either a slice of apple or banana

4. Tj’s sprouted rye bread and a wedge of laughing cow lite cheese and slice of tomato

5. Dr Praeger patti ( frozen section of Tj) and an egg on top