Make Rest a Priority


Two woodcutters worked side by side.The first worked all day, without stopping for breaks, food or drink, believing that he’d chop more wood and be done quicker. The second took breaks, resting, drinking water, and fiddling with his saw. After several hours the first woodcutter saw that he had worked so hard and yet the second man had chopped more wood. He asked how can that be? The second woodcutter responded, “that’s simple, every hour or so I stop and sharpen my saw. That way my blade is able to cut through the wood and the chopping is so much easier.”

We need time for breaks, to refresh, rest and recuperate. Time to “sharpen the saw”. When you feel burnt-out, tired, listless, lacking motivation-stop for a while, sharpen your saw, tend to your physical, mental and spiritual needs. 

– Excerpted from “100 Ways to Happiness: by Dr. Timothy Sharp