Exercise alone outperforms antidepressants



Research at Duke University: 156 people with clinical depression where divided into 3 groups. One group was prescribed  antidepressants only. The second group did exercise and received antidepressants. The third group did exercise only.

After 4 months there was no significant difference between the groups. The treatments ended and they then observed the relapse rate of the  groups after 10 months. The first group/medication only: had a 38% relapse rate. The second group/exercise+meds: had 31% relapse. The third  group/exercise only: had a 9% relapse rate.

Dr. Ben Shahar/ researcher: felt that this signified that lack of exercise acts like a depressant drug. Exercise alone outperformed medication. For a more detailed look into the power of exercise check out: SPARK by John Ratey,MD