Seasonal and Monthly Tune-Ups



Wellness care tune-ups: Encourage a more complete healing, minimize the effects of stresses and strains of everyday living and reduce wear and tear from repetitive work postures and athletics.

Just as injuries, stress and prolonged postures in the past, have had a cumulative effect of weakening the system, balancing and maintaining your spine and acupuncture meridians can have cumulative beneficial effects.  Each time your body is balanced, optimal blood and oxygen flow is created, increasing your qi/energy, mobility, stamina, immune and recuperative powers.

The combination of one or all of the follwing: Acupuncture, Gentle Chiropractic Adjustments, Deep Muscle therapy, and Chinese Herbal Medicine, help create optimal function.  At the change of seasons, just as in a garden, which may become overgrown with weeds if not tended to, periodic treatments help to keep our garden/body in balance.