Recommended Reading






1. “Wherever you go, there you are”: Mindfulness Meditation in Everyday Life, by Jon Kabat-Zinn  Also, his Guided meditation CD discs  This book helps the reader to slow down, observe how to apply being mindful and gentle with oneself,  in ones’  daily activities. When doing the dishes, for example, using that time to breathe, be present, and in doing so experience the joy of that moment.

2. “100 Ways to Keep your Soul Alive” by Frederic and Mary Ann Brussat

3. “Healthy Pleasures” by Ornstein and Sobel speak of the importance of  experiencing pleasurable moments not just on that one vacation a year, but  in each day–taking the time to have a cup of tea, sit with our feet in the grass, read a few pages of our favorite book.  So each day we have taken a moment for a vacation .  

4. “Boundaries”  byHenry Cloud and John Townsend ( How to set boundaries in all areas of our lives with gentleness yet firmness)   The first chapter tells of a day in the life of a person with no boundaries…the frustration, sadness, anger , and exhaustion that ensues for that person and throughout the book as they learn to apply boundaries in each area of their lives (with theirs spouses, children, bosses, friends)  how much more they experience feeling causative and joyful in their daily life. 

5. “The Extraordinary Power of Ordinary Things” by Larry Dossey MD 

6. “The Road less traveled” by M.Scott Peck    Love is not  just a feeling  but is  the act of extending oneself for the others spiritual growth.

7. “Sacred time and the search for meaning” by Gary Eberle  We speed through life just barely touching the ground. Contolled by a small object on our wrists ( clock time) or an appointment book.  VS. Experiencing the  sacred time of  dusk and dawn,  the sun and the moon, the seasons. How wonderful it is when we go on vacation, where there is just being, doing “nothing” , how fulfilling that is, and bringing that sense into a portion of our daily life.

8. “Simplify your life” by Elaine St James

9. “Now, Discover your strengths” by Marcus Buckingham & Donald Clifton   How what we think are our weaknesses may be our strenghts and vs versa. Looking at ourselves and the work we choose in a new light.  Helpful book when beginning transition of work or direction.

10. ” A Whole New Mind” by Daniel Pink   For anyone going through a school/work transition. Bringing creativity into all areas of work.

11. “Blink” by Malcom Goodwell – When you meet someone, and within those first few moments,  you  observe  the feeling sense inside of yourself, to either go towards or away from the person ..stop…. ( if you blink you’ll miss it)  that’s where your deep knowingness  is, and can help you gain understanding on how to proceed. Great book 2 yrs on best seller list.

12. “Flow” by Mihaly Csikazentmihalyi  When during  the course of our work or play do we lose all track of time. That is the first indicator of flow. When we experience flow we are fully in the present, engrossed,  and work becomes play and play joyful.

13. ” Illusions” by Richard Bach One of my favorite books of all time. A story about a byplane pilot, his adventures and lessons he learns and imparts.

14. “Simple Abundance” by Sarah Ban Breathnach   The true gift in life is not having what we want but in wanting what we have.

15. “Ten poems to change your life” by Roger Housden  Made me want to go back to school and study poetry.  He takes a poem and deepens ones’ understanding in a wonderful way.

16.”Distraction” by Maggie Jackson.  How multitasking is affecting our attention, ability to focus at work,  and  our relationships.  How we  are being impacted by the speed, quantity, and modes of  information. And how to take back our focus and attention.