‘Tis the season for warm spicy herbs



Cinnamon: sweet & warm: increases circulation, aids digestion, helps increase lean muscle mass, is a natural antibiotic/antiviral ( during the 1918 influenza outbreak- workers at cinnamon factories had boosted immunity to the Spanish flu), evens out blood sugar levels, and its’ fragrance boosts brain function and cognitive skills.  It’s great on: oatmeal, yams, butternut squash, baked apples & pears, and in coffee or decaf.

Ginger: pungent & warm: natural antihistamine & anti-inflammatory, dispells phlegm and cough, reduces nausea, decreases the stickiness of red blood cells/platelets/helpful in atherosclerosis. A few slices in hot water with honey helps ward off colds/flu, as does ginger tea, also may be added to baked yams, butternut squash, oatmeal, baked apples & pears.

Chai tea is a combination of warming spices(cardomom/ginger) that aid digestion and circulation.