Relaxation Remedies & Tips


  1. 1.Calms Forte by Hylands
  2. 2.Nervosan by Hylands
  3. 3.Rescue Remedy-Bach flower
  4. 4.Nutrasleep-by Threshold
  5. 5.Camomille tea
  6. 6.Lavender essential oil- on hanky to smell when under stress, also a few drops on feet or pillow.                                                   Dosages of the above to be discussed with Dr.G                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                               

Whenever you are stuck…breathe. If you find yourself moving too fast..breathe. As you face an important decision….breathe. Whenever there is a question in your mind about what to do next or how to do it..breathe. Sooner or later the solution will appear. in the process.
Concentrate on breathing you do your focus shifts and a calm feeling begins. If you take three deep breaths a few times during each day, especially at those critically stressful moments, you’ll be reducing stress and bringing serenity into your day.

Breathing by Andrew Weil ( on Cd’s)


10 Tips to Stay Calm
1. Walk more slowly. Whenever you catch yourself rushing around, slow down. Relax your jaw, drop your shoulders. Breathe. If you have to move quickly, try to do it in this more relaxed way.
2. Talk more slowly. Allow yourself to pause and take a breath between sentences or thoughts. When listening, breathe, let yourself take in all of your experience of the other person.
3. When the phone rings, take a deep breath before answering.
4. Take time each day to breathe, meditate, or just notice how your body is feeling.
5. Use transitions, like travel time to and from your office, to notice how your body is feeling. Observe if there is tension and use your breath to release those areas.
6. Go outside at least once a day and pay attention to the weather, and how your body reacts to it. Look at the sky, feel the temperature and notice the sensation of the air on your skin.
7. Add something beautiful to your life. Put a vase of flowers, a candle or a special drawing in your office, kitchen, or the space where you spend the most time. Take a picture of one of your favorite places, such as a garden or ocean landscape, and hang or place it where you can look at it.
8. Read a line or a paragraph from a favorite uplifting book in the morning or evening.
9 .Spend some time alone each day.
10. At days’ end, think of one thing you learned or are grateful for.

by Margaret Peirpont and Diane Tegmeyer



Breathing Exercise                                                    Breathing cd’s by Jon Kabat-Zinn

Find a comfortable chair or floor cushion on which you can easily sit erect without being rigid. Your hands resting easily and your eyes closed gently. At first feel your body and consciously soften any obvious tension. Bring your attention to feel the sensations of your breathing.

Take a few deep breaths to sense where you can feel the breath most easily, as coolness or tingling in the nostrils or as movement of the chest, or the rise and fall of the belly. Then let your breath be natural. Feel the sensations of your natural breathing,  relaxing into each breath as you feel it.

Notice how the soft sensations of breathing come and go with the changing breath.

After a few breaths your mind will probably wander. When you notice this, gently bring your attention back to the next breath. As you sit, let the breath change rhythms naturally, allowing it to be short, long, fast, slow, rough, or easy. Calm yourself by relaxing into the breath. You will find that attention developed on the breath helps to connect and quiet your whole body and mind.

Here is another easy self healing technique that you can use to keep your stress level down.     

Placing your hands on your lower abdomen, feel the connection to your skin.   Gently breathe in and out, feeling your hands rise and fall.  Gently let yourself become centered.  If your head feels overly busy, simply welcome that sensation and refocus on your hands.  Feel your breath meeting your hands and skin.  Simply say to yourself– I am at peace now.