Digestive Tips




Peppermint tea- after meals, soothes digestion,  good if you tend to run warm. Altoids- helpful if you’re on the go.

Ginger tea- can be taken in tea bag form or slivers of the raw root steeped in a cup with a bit of honey. ( the rest can be put in a baggie in the freezer) This tea is good if you run cold or in the winter. It settles the stomach. Ginger wonder ( whole foods)  is mashed up ginger and honey,, can be put in hot water or sparkling water. (keep refrigerated after opening)

Cinnamon/apple or chai tea- are warming, great for winter time.

DGL- (whole foods)  deglycinerized licorice tablets you can suck on  to soothe stomach for indigestion.

Digestive enzymes- (Whole foods) twin lab superenzyme capsules- particularly  with holiday meals ( with many foods eaten at one meal)  

Digestive-smooth mover: combine 2 tab of the following ingredients:  apples sauce,prune juice, oat bran  -once per day to keep elimination smooth.

Optimal digestion of grains, nuts and seeds:; soaking them overnite in water  releases their stored enzymes facilitating our ability to digest them.  This is particularly helpful for those who experience gas after eating those foods normally.

See Fiber foods and tips section.

Gluten sensitivity-Celiac disease- is a condition that inflames the GI tract. Foods to avoid: wheat, barley, rye and oats.  Other alternatives are: brown rice, basmati rice, millet, buckwheat/kasha, and quinoa.