Book of the Week

Sharon Salzbergs’ new book: “Real Happiness-the power of Meditation” 

This new paperback includes a CD inside with many guided breathing meditations. 

One of my favorite parts:” Look at the world with quiet eyes”  too often we’re more like those cartoon creatures whose eyes are popping out on springs: “I see something I want! Give it to me! ” boing!  “Wait-I see something better; I want that instead! ” Boing!  We grab the object, the person, the rush, and clamp on to keep it from changing or leaving. And then-boing! we yearn for something else, because we aren’t even really paying attention to what we’re grasping so tightly.

Not paying attention keeps us in an endless cycle of wanting, creating an escalating need for stimulation. When we’re keenly aware of what’s happening, we don’t need to grasp for the next moment of sensation or taste or sound (all the while missing what’s actually here, right in front of us). Only when we are attentive in each moment do we find satisfaction in our lives.  (excerpt)