Spring-the Season of the Liver

The ancient Chinese observed the seasons, their cyclical climatic changes, and the benefits of living in harmony with them.  Spring  is the beginning of the seasons and represents growth, the birth of new ideas, and the smooth flow of plans and decisions.  The Spring season correlates with the element Wood, which governs the liver/gallbladder meridians. The Wood element in nature refers to the growing structures: roots,trunk and limbs of trees, as well as the spine, limbs and joints in the human body.  Imbalances of this meridian may manifest as:  spinal problems, poor flexibility, arthritis, headache, neck pain, allergies, eye problems and indigestion. The liver is the seat of the emotions, so stagnant blocked liver qi (energy) may lead to indecision, irritability, feeling of weak rootedness, or easy to anger. The color associated with Spring/Liver Meridian is green and so many of the foods that nourish the liver are green: cooked zuccini, asparagus, string beans, celery, swiss chard, as well as soups, berries, baked apples and mint tea. Stagnation of the liver meridian may be balanced with outdoor exercise, sitting with your feet in the grass, and with seasonal Acupuncture/Chiropractic tune-ups.  Also, very effective are Specific Chinese Herbal formulas to harmonize  and activate smooth liver qi.

In Spring all living things are restored by the new light which illuminates plans and paths ahead.