Protein Snack Ideas

1.Trader Joes’-eggless egg salad (tofu) and celery

2.TJ’s-eggwhite egg salad and cucumber/tomato

3.TJ’s eggwhite egg salad, red salmon, celery, red onion

4.TJ’s crunchy almond butter/ or peanut butter and celery.

5.TJ’s lowfat cottage cheese and either TJ’s fresh salsa or bruscetta sauce on wasa fiber crackers (35 cal ea cracker)

6.Laughing cow triangle low fat cheese(35 cal ea) on wasa cracker

7.TJ’s greek nonfat yogurt and TJ’s frozen berries(heated) with dash of cinnamon, bit of honey or stevia (non-sugar sweetner) and sprinkle of cinnamon oats cereal

8.TJ’s tomato humus(35 cal 2 tablesp) with TJ’s persian cucumbers

9.Chicken breast strips coated with Falafel dry mix baked or in skillet

10.TJ’s low or non-fat greek yogurt with chopped apple, cinnamon, almonds or walnuts

11.Deviled eggs with humus inside of the egg whites instead of yolks

12.Capitol drugs store (moorpark & Van Nuys) Metagenics Ultrabalance protein powder 1 scoop in almond milk( TJ) with 1 tablesp benefiber (from walgreens) with frozen berries and a packet of stevia (non-sugar sweetner)

13. Protein bar and apple and glass of water. Since protein bars are a more concentrated form of food extra water and fiber and enzymes from fresh fruit are helpful with digesting them.

Grams of protein in these foods: 1/2 cup chicken=21 grams ** 2.5 oz salmon=21 grams ** 1/2 cup turkey=20 grams **1/2cup soybeans(edamame)=14 grams ** 1/2 cup non fat cottage cheese=12 grams **1 cup plain lowfat yogurt=12 grams  **3 oz ground beef= 22 grams ** 3 oz ham= 18 grams **1/2 cup lentils=9 grams** 1/2 cup beans=7 grams ** 1oz cheddar cheese=7 grams ** 1 oz nuts=7 grams **1 large egg=6 grams **