The Benefits of Magnesium

While most athletes have been conditioned to drink a potassium rich drink after sweating, very few have been educated on the effects of magnesium deficiency.  Common symptoms of magnesium deficiency: back and neck pain, muscle spasm, anxiety, panic disorders, arrhythmia, fatigue, eye twitches, vertigo and migraines.  Recent benefits of magnesium include: reduction of blood pressure and fasting insulin levels, and reduction in blood lipids/fats in prevention of strokes.

The best sources of magnesium in foods: whole grains, nuts, seeds, beans,  green vegetables especially leafy greens, and fresh green vegetable juice ( taken preferably shortly after being juiced) . A calcium/magnesium supplement taken before bed is helpful for relaxing the muscles and mind during sleep. Usually the ratio is calcium  500 mg to 250 mg magnesium in a supplement.

“Many of the benefits we get from sunshine we can get from greens.  Anyone in the city should think of greens as a means of getting sunshine to the body.”-  Bernard Jensen (Health Magic through Chlorophill)