When to dispose of foods and everyday household items

Air filters- every 6 months

Fire extinguishers-4-5 yrs

Smoke alarms- 8-10  yrs

Toothbrushes- 3 months, and/or after a cold/flu

Mattresses-7 yrs

Pillows-2 yrs

Whole spices-2-3 yrs  Ground spices 1-2 yrs

Canned high acid fruits/veges-peaches, tomatoes- 18 mo

Canned low acid meat, veges  2 yrs  (keep cans away from extremes fo temperatures, away from stove, and damp areas, no bulging or rusted cans)

Food left out of refrigerator over  2.5-3  hours throw out

Cooked refrigerated leftovers use within 3-4 days (keep refrig at 38 degrees)

Eggs ok in refrigerator for up to 3-4 weeks after expiration date

Frozen meats ok up to 4 months but some still ok up to 1 year

Mayonaise- 2 months,     ketchup- 4 mo. ,      mustard 8 mo.

Cosmetics: mascara 3 mo  liquid eye liner- 1 yr  and  powders