Home care: Muscle Releasing techniques

Tennis Ball Technique:

Find a comfortable position either on the bed or floor, lying face up, with your knees bent -so that your feet are on the bed or floor.  Using two tennis balls,  place them just below your waist at the same level on either side of your spine (not on your spine). Tilt your hips slightly (like the beginning of a pelvic tilt) to slightly flatten your lower back onto the balls. Gently rock your knees side to side, you will feel them massaging your lower back muscles. As one level of the low back releases move the tennis balls a bit higher up the spine and repeat the rocking motion until that area also releases. At each level, take several deep breaths in then out, this will also help the muscles release. You can spend as much time at each level until you feel that area relax. If the pressure is too strong move from the floor to the bed. If the pressure is too soft vs versa. Remember to let the weight of your body do the work.

Noodle technique:

Find a swimming plastic foam noodle (cut one in half so it’s around 3 ft vs 5 ft long). To start lie on the bed, if the pressure doesn’t feel strong enough you can move to the floor later.  Lie on your side, with your knees bent, place the noodle perpendicular and under the thigh you are lying on,  gently rock just a bit and you will feel the side muscles of your thigh begin to release. These are the muscles that tighten when we sit or stand for prolonged periods of time, so it’s great to pack if you’re going on a trip along with the tennis balls.  You can experiment with other muscles of the legs, arms, hips.  We can go over that at your next appointment.

Golf ball technique:

Is helpful  for the bottom of the feet, for releasing plantar fascitis, or after prolonged sitting or standing. You can keep one at your desk and every 30 min use it to keep the circulation moving. While seated place the ball under your foot,  leaning a bit forward to put more weight onto your foot, find a point that is tender and stay at that spot til it releases. You can also rock your foot a bit back and forth over that point. Then once it releases move to another point including the arch, heel and ball of your foot.  Also for Plantar Fascitis:  place a small water bottle 3/4 full in the freezer, then after walking or in the evening , use it similarly to the golf ball, rolling it on the bottom of your foot to soothe inflamed foot.

Anytime you experience pain, discontinue the exercise and discuss it and any other questions you many have with me at your next appointment.