Bone boosting foods



  1.  Calcium content of foods:
  2. Cheddar                                              2oz                                                 430mg  
  3. Orange juice                                     8oz                                                  350mg
  4. yogurt   low fat                                8oz                                                  448mg
  5. nonfat milk                                        8oz                                               300mg
  6. soymilk  calicium fortified                   8oz                                               300mg
  7. sesame seeds                                   2oz                                             280mg
  8. almonds                                             3oz                                              210mg
  9. tofu                                                     4oz                                             200mg
  10. white beans  (cooked)                           8oz                                             161mg
  11. bok choy (chinese vege)                      8oz                                           150mg
  12. parmesean grated cheese                    2tab                                         138mg
  13. dried figs                                               5                                                125mg
  14. broccoli(cooked)                                  8oz                                               94mg

Fruits and vegetables create a bone boosting alkaline environment in our bodies.   Choose  less of the acid producing foods  & more of the  alkaline /bone boosters

  1. 1.Pasta                                               instead    choose   potato/yam
  2. 2.Soda                                                       ”                        diluted fruit juice/herb tea
  3. 3.Meat/poultry                                                                    tofu
  4. 4.Beer                                                                                  wine
  5. 5.peanuts                                                                           raisens/almonds/walnuts

Exercise: wearing either a backpack with a few cans of soup when you go out for your walk or on treadmill, or a fishermans’ vest with the pockets filled with fishing weights. Start out with a small amount of weight and over the course of a few weeks slowly add to it.  The stress of gravity,   particularly with weights stimulate bone growth. Astronauts, out in space, in an antigravity condition,  experience some  bone loss within just  7 days without the stress  of gravity on their bones.