Aromatherapy & Essential Oils






Essential oils– It takes approximately 50 lbs. of plant material to make 1 lb. of essential oil. So they are very powerful and must be used in small doses and diluted.  The oldest record of their use was by the Sumarians 4,000 yrs ago.  The expression ” anointed with oil”, is one of the many references from the Bible where essential oils were used.  Sandalwood, for example, was used to cool and calm the mind from worry and also as an aid to meditation and prayer because it elevates the mind to a higher spiritual plane.

Because plants are unable to move and yet need to protect themselves from outside insects, their essential oils often have anti-viral, anti-bacterial, anti-fungal and antiparasitic properties.  In addition to their physical properties, the oils have emotional well being properites.

A few examples of relaxing oils: lavender and orange oil. Calm the mind and normalize feelings of pressure and agitation.  Examples of energizing oils: peppermint, grapefruit, and rosemary. They clarify the mind to normalize poor concentration, memory,  and frustration, allowing the spirit to be lifted and morale boosted.

It is of utmost importance when using oils on your skin that you determine if they are pure essential oils. Whole foods and our office carry (Aura Cacia-an excellent brand). To test an oil: add a drop of the oil to a tablespoon of water, if a milky slick appears the oil is either synthetic or is mixed with other ingredients.  Also, you can place a drop of oil on paper, if the paper has a grease stain after 2 hrs, it’s been diluted with other oils.

How to use the above oils:  it is best to use 3 drops of the essential oil in either 1-2 tablespoons of a carrier oil (almond oil or jojoba) then you can put a drop on your forehead, chest, inner wrists, feet, or in a bath just before getting into it.  Also, you can put 3 drops in a 4-6 oz. spritz bottle and fill with water. You can then spray on your neck, arms, on pillow, sheets (lavender esp. at nite to relax for sleep) or in the air to re-awaken you in the late afternoon (peppermint or grapefruit)

If you have very sensitive skin but still want to use them try the following: You can put the oil on a piece of cotton or a handkerchief and smell it directly. This is very helpful for patients in the hospital. Hospital smells may not be pleasant and bringing a nice hanky in a plastic baggie with some essential oil on it will help raise their spirits and speed healing.  (That’s why the custon of bringing  flowers and nosegays to people in hospitals began) Some people don’t like certain fragrances, so it’s nice to bring both lavender and grapefruit, usually one will appeal to them.   Eucalyptus oil has very strong anti-viral and anti-bacterial properties, so putting it on a hanky in a baggie is most helpful with plane travel to inhale throughout the journey,  to counteract the recycled air.

Essential oils- related to the Chakras (spirit energy centers)

  1. 1st chakra– lowest/pelvic: Marjoram (nourishing,nuturing),  Hyssop (integrates) ,Vetivert   (grounding,centering) Lemon verbena (cleansing, strengthening)
  2. 2nd chakra– umbilicus/belly: Lemon (alleviates fear), Ylang ylang (releases sexual blocks),    grapefruit (clears congestion, lightens)
  3. 3rd chakra– solar plexus/below sternum: Lavender (releases self    consciousness), rosemary (builds self worth), chamomile (releases tension)
  4. 4th chakra– mid-chest/heart: rose(trust, encourages warmth), sandalwood (releases fear)
  5. 5th chakra-throat fennel(releases expression), juniper (strengthens willpower, ginger (restores determination/action.
  6. 6th chakra– between eyebrows:  clary sage (inspiration, opens mind), jasmine (for intuition)
  7. 7th chakra– top of head/crown: sandalwood (higher consciousness), frankincense (spiritual consciousness)

Our sense of smell:  Although you can see or hear something at a longer distance than you can smell it, our sense of smell is approximately 10,000 times more acute than our other senses. Within a minute of smelling a scent it is registered in our brain along with physical or emotional reactions. There are essential oil fragrances that relax us and others energize us.  Examples:  lavender relaxes us, mint energizes us, and grapefruit uplifts our spirits.