Medicine Cabinet Tips

1. Arnica (homeopathic liniment) for bruises, topical use only. Apply hourly as needed. Also found in Traumeel ( with other ingredients) topically for sore muscles.

2.Rescue Remedy(by Bach) Emergency care (by green hope farms) flower essences for pre and post-stress situations (sadness/grief)

3.Peppermint tea, peppermint altoids- help soothe upset stomach & nausea. Altoids( in particular for dry heaves when one can’t keep liquids down).

4. Ginger wonder(whole foods-mashed ginger in honey) for upset stomach from cold foods or colds with chills.

5. Epsom salt bath-1/2 to 1 cup in a bathtub for sore muscles, and to assist sweating when cold with chills.

6.Salt water- 1 teap in warm water for a gargle -sore throat or nasal lavage-clearing sinuses.

7.GSE-grapefruit seed extract- tablets natural antibacterial/antiviral, and antiparasitic/antifungal

8. Lavender oil- 1-2 drops on chest or feet to calm anxiety and help sleep               and Eucalyptus /Peppermint oil 1-2 drops in facial steamer for clearing sinuses or head cold  (at Whole foods & our office) also 1-2 drops on chest to clear chest congestion.

9.Nutrasleep- by Source Naturals (whole foods) calming for restful sleep or  Trader joes calcium/magnesium tablets- natural muscle relaxer- in evening to relax muscles during the nite