Herbs and Surgery- don’t mix

When you’re going in for surgery, whether it’s an eyelid lift or a root canal and your doctor asks what meds you take, don’t forget to mention natural remedies.  Patients often don’t tell their doctors what herbs and supplements they take because they don’t think of them as medicine. But herbs can cause serious problems during and after surgery.  Alert your doctor about anything you’re taking. 

Ginseng, Ginko and Kava I do not recommend taking unless you have had a constitutional evaluation first.

Chondroitin– taken for arthritis     STOP TAKING   2-3  wks before surgery

Ginseng- taken for energy       STOP TAKING AT LEAST  1  wk before surgery

Garlic supplements– taken for immunity and BP     STOP TAKING  1 wk before surgery

Ginko biloba– improved memory     STOP TAKING at least  1 wk before surgery -May cause delayed recovery and abnormal grogginess

Kava-anxiety, muscle tension       STOP TAKING at least 1 wk before surgery -May cause delayed recovery and abnormal grogginess

Echinacea– immune system      STOP TAKING 2-3 wks before surgery- REACTION to certain anesthesia  

Glucosamine- arthritis      STOP TAKING  2-3 wks before surgery, lowers blood sugar which can cause fainting and delay recovery

Goldenseal– immune       STOP TAKING 2-3 wks before surgery,  post op grogginess, abnormal sensitivity to laser, can decrease blood volume