Nature of Food

In Chinese Medicine the temperature and natures of foods are used as potent healers when used with attention to season and the constitution of each individual.  For example, in summer cooler foods,  in winter- warmer foods,  when a person has an illness involving heat or a constitution with a tendency to be warm- using cooling foods. 

 Cold foods include: banana, watermelon, tomato, asparagus, tofu.  Cool foods: pear, kiwi, cucumber, mushroom, eggplant, millet, barley, yogurt.  Neutral foods: lemon, fig, apple, cabbage,carrot, potato,rice, black beans.  Warm foods: pumpkin, walnut, chestnut, scallion, celery, pomegranate,ginger.  Hot foods: garlic and pepper.

An example of when to use these would be: Cold foods- for a heat type of insomnia,  cool foods- for a heat related headache, neutral foods-if you have a weak type of low back pain these foods will tonify and strengthen, warm foods- for a cold type of hay fever,  hot foods- for a cold type of flu.  To clarify which are best foods to use in times of illness, or to determine your constitution,  it’s best to call Dr G with your questions.